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On a Mission to Transform the Experience of Infertility Forever

Your Trusted Squad is on a mission to transform the experience of infertility for women and couples who are trying to start or grow their family.   

Your Trusted Squad was founded by Dr Belinda Coker, an experienced GP and Medical Director with a wealth of expertise in fertility, women's health, customer experience and clinical quality spanning 20 years.


Many of Belinda's personal experiences of seeking healthcare for infertility, recurrent miscarriages, endometriosis and adenomyosis were difficult, disappointing and sometimes traumatic. After speaking with so many women who complained of their experiences when trying to receive help for fertility and matters related to their reproductive health and after following her heart, Belinda decided to build a unique service that delivers on excellence, quality and encompasses a personalised, holistic experience for clients. 

Belinda has had an extraordinary career overcoming adversity whilst shattering the glass ceiling. Belinda completed her medical degree at the prestigious Imperial College School of Medicine. After spending three years training in obstetrics, gynaecology and sexual health at the highly-regarded Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Belinda then spent two further years working in sexual and reproductive health and community gynaecology before training to become a GP.


A few years later, Belinda started to work in healthcare management, specialising in service design, patient experience, and safety, alongside her clinical practice. She was soon promoted to senior leadership roles within the NHS. After completing an Executive MBA program in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Design at Imperial College Business school and winning the IBM prize for innovation, design and entrepreneurship, Belinda reached the executive level and became a board director.  


During the last 10 years, Belinda provided advice and expertise to highly reputable healthcare organisations and innovative digital health companies that have created tech apps, gadgets, products, and online healthcare services. Throughout this time, she continued to practice as a GP in London.


Belinda brings all this expertise to Your Trusted Squad. She lives in London, UK, with her amazing husband and partner of 25 years. She practices yoga and enjoys delicious food, spending time with her family and friends. 

Your Trusted Squad is dedicated to delivering an outstanding, reputable, trusted and highly effective experience to help you achieve your dreams of having your baby.

 Dr Belinda Coker, 


Your Trusted Squad is dedicated to Belinda's late mum Barbara, who left our world in 2018. She is deeply missed.

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