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If starting and growing your family hasn't been easy, if it's been a lot harder than you anticipated and at times you've felt out of control or don't know where to start, we are help you.


If trying to conceive has become stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating you've come to the right place. 

We help you get the tests you need, find fertility clinics, gynaecologists and specialists for endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, urology, nutrition, services for tests and investigations, practitioners for supportive therapies and much more.


We empower you to make informed decisions to have the best chance of conceiving a healthy baby. 

Our service works alongside and supports you before, during and after any fertility or medical treatments.

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Belinda’s made me feel like I wasn’t alone made it easy to talk to about my own issues. Her extensive knowledge came across in our sessions.


She would proactively reach out if she found something she thought might be helpful for me and my fertility situation and was always there when I needed advice or sometimes just reassurance.


Belinda always made time to ask about my mental and emotional well being, something that other specialists sometimes forget. Your fertility journey isn’t just science, and having someone who genuinely cares about all aspects of your well-being is so important; Belinda is that person.

I would (and have) definitely recommend Your Trusted Squad and Belinda to friends who are going through their fertility journey. Not only is Belinda professional and knowledgeable, but she also intimately understands what you are going through. I have dealt with many fertility experts over the years, but having someone who can genuinely empathise with you makes all the difference. I always leave every conversation I have with Belinda feeling better than I did at the start!

I would often speak to Belinda after seeing my fertility specialists as I sometimes felt a little overwhelmed. She would help me breakdown complex information into digestible chunks and talking through options with Belinda made me feel much more informed and gave me confidence in my decision making. Outside of the practical support, Belinda’s commitment to ensuring my emotional and mental well-being was also addressed was priceless. 

In a nutshell, she cares, she understands and is very good at what she does. Belinda is an all-round badass!

Just thank you. You have no idea how much you helped keep me sane through what has been the toughest but ultimately the most rewarding experience of my life.


Sheri, 42, a senior manager in the media industry, conceived naturally aged 42 and had a healthy baby girl after 3 years of living with infertility, 3 cycles of IVF and 1 miscarriage, Your Trusted Squad supported Sheri during her IVF treatments and throughout her pregnancy.



Find trusted health information and services.


Search for vetted clinics, specialists and services all in one place.

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You are not alone. We help you navigate your fertility journey, understand your options and help you prepare for treatment.


You will feel truly heard.


Receive support from experts who listen, empathise,  and have experienced this difficult journey.

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