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Editorial Notice

Your Trusted Squad is on a mission to transform the experience of infertility forever. We are dedicated to providing accurate, objective, trustworthy, credible, evidence-based information. Your Trusted Squad is committed to the highest editorial standards within all of our content 


This Editorial Notice covers all health content on our website and social media platforms as well as our guides, articles, blogs, video, audio, brochures, images and infographics and social media.

The information in our health content (website, social media accounts, guides, brochures) does not provide medical advice or treatment guidance.


Consider if the information suits your specific circumstances. You should seek medical advice from a healthcare professional (e.g. GP, Nurse, Pharmacist, Consultant etc) who will be able to assess your specific circumstances. 


The data in our editorial content is impartial, objective, accurate and clearly presented. If an opinion is expressed or a personal experience is shared, this will be clearly stated. 

Where issues are controversial, this is acknowledged. We make efforts in good faith to present the differing arguments in a fair, objective and balanced way.

We ensure that editorial content is based on reliable up-to-date research evidence, UK medical guidelines and best clinical practice.  

All clinically related health content is written by or checked and approved by an appropriately qualified and experienced clinician. 



The health content on Your Trusted Squad is available to the public and healthcare professionals for free and is funded by Your Trusted Squad Ltd. 

PIF Tick Standards

Your Trusted Squad is a PIF Tick trusted information creator and we are certified by the Patient Information Forum. We follow the standards set by the PIF Tick when creating content and complete an annual assessment by PIF Tick.

The PIF TICK 10 criteria for trustworthy health information are:

  1. Information is created using a consistent and documented process.

  2. Staff are trained and supported to produce high-quality information.

  3. Information meets an identified consumer need.

  4. Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence.

  5. Patients are involved in the development of health information.

  6. Information is written in plain English.

  7. Print and digital information is easy to use and navigate.

  8. Users can give feedback on the information.

  9. Information is promoted to make sure it reaches those who need it.

  10. The impact of information is measured.


Information sources

All information sources we use are reputable, reliable and of high quality. This includes individuals that are registered and regulated by a healthcare regulator in the UK and organisations that have been certified against the NHS information standard or achieved the PIF tick, a list of healthcare regulators in the UK and a list of organisations certified under the NHS Information Standard.


Links to other websites and sources of information

In our content, where possible, we link directly to our sources of information. This is so that you can easily access the information and read further information if you wish to do so. These links may take you to research journals, blogs, websites. All of the information we use is from trusted, reputable sources that produce reliable, high-quality information (see the previous section ‘Information Sources’). 

We cannot guarantee that the information on these links will change or become out of date. We check these links regularly, at least annually to ensure the links are relevant and up to date.

Where it is not possible to directly link to the source of information e.g., the source of information is from a hard copy publication, the source will be included at the bottom of our blog article.  


Archiving and expired documents

We archive all drafts of new information and reviewer comments electronically on our internal server. 

If material is to be removed permanently from the site, it is unpublished electronically. Redirects for the expired content to direct users to other appropriate content on the site. 

The teams can access expired pages if necessary. For example, in the case of a reader or client query.

When content is permanently removed from the site, it remains in the content management system for up to 5 years. 


Date of content publishing and date of content update 

All blog articles have the date that the article was originally published and the date of update. The first date the blog was published can be found on the main blog page (click on the link).

The date of update can be seen on the page of the blog itself, under the main title heading.  


Review and update of existing content

We update our website content with all relevant NICE decisions, treatment guidelines, major clinical trial results, and scientific evidence changes as soon as possible after their publication. 

We aim to review all content and links within the content within 12 -18 months of the last review date.

Evidence updates to published content, as well as feedback from users and stakeholders, are considered on a day-by-day basis as they arrive, and content is reviewed and amended immediately if necessary.

Dates of publication are displayed on all content.


Feedback and user testing

We welcome feedback from our readers and clients on the information we provide, on the ease of use of our website and the accessibility of our website. 

We review all feedback to inform our site development and improvement. 

Collecting feedback

There are several ways of providing feedback to us. You can click on the 'Contact Us' link in the header on any page on this website. The link takes you to a page with a link to our website feedback form. Or you can email us at Our email address is found in the footer of each web page.  


You can also contact us directly through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

If you subscribe to Your Trusted Squad and receive our newsletter, you can also complete the survey at the bottom of each newsletter which asks for feedback on content and suggested topics for future health content. 


We endeavour to reply to enquiries within 7 working days. If this is likely to be longer you will be notified that your message has been received and is being attended to.

Usability and readability testing

Your Trusted Squad periodically carries out usability and readability testing of our content with representatives of our main readers and clients:

  • People living with infertility

  • Health professionals

  • People interested in fertility awareness

  • People trying to conceive



To make a complaint about the website or health content, send an email to  

We take complaints seriously and aim to resolve, rectify and learn from complaints as soon as practicable. You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 working days and a full response to your complaint within 7 working days.  

Privacy Notice and Terms of Website Use

This Editorial Notice should be read alongside our Privacy Notice and Terms of Website Use


Editorial Notice start date

Notice initially published: 

9 July 2021 

Reviewed on 20 July 2022

This notice will be reviewed in or before July 2023.

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