• To make informed decisions

  • Less stressed & overwhelmed

  • To make informed decisions

  • Less stressed & overwhelmed

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  • Make informed decisions

  • Experience greatly reduced stress and overwhelm.

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  • In-depth review of your fertility history.

  • Detailed personalised fertility optimisation plan.

  • With you every step through implementing the plan. 

  • Appointment management (with consent)

  • Liaising with your health professionals on your behalf (with consent).

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  • This service is focused on you. 

  • No judgements; Just understanding, empathy & support.

How This  Service Will Help You 

You are intelligent, successful, capable and savvy. For you it's important to receive the best quality service and treatments that will lead to a  healthy baby. 

You've searched on Google for hours on end, joined numerous community groups, feel stressed and overwhelmed and most of all alone. 


You want to be able to make informed choices based on a combination of clinical evidence and taking full account of your personal circumstances.  

You need access to an expert you can trust, who understands what you are going through, to find the best services for your needs and to provide you with relevant information and discussion so you can make informed decisions to maximise your chances of becoming pregnant and having your baby.  


This is the service you will receive from Dr Coker and Your Trusted Squad.


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Our Promise To You


Your Trusted Squad is dedicated to providing this exceptional service for you with the strictest confidentiality.

Your Trusted Squad is not a medical service. The coaching and mentoring received from Your Trusted Squad works alongside and supports you before, during and after any fertility treatments. 

Your Personal Information


Your information is kept on a secure, GDPR compliant portal. You have full access to your information through a mobile app. You decide what information we can share when we make bookings or refer to specialists. 


The 'Fertility Next Steps' Review Call

An introductory 20 minute session with the coach, Dr Coker,   to understand your current needs, explain how Your Trusted Squad can help and support you and which service is right for you. 


The Clarity Session

The Clarity Session is a confidential 60-minute  video session to discuss a particular issue with Dr Coker, the Coach.


The Clarity Session aims to provide you with clarity, motivation, support and help reduce immediate stress.  


The Clarity Sessions is right for

  • You are already having treatment and want a sounding board.

  • You are not sure who to contact to get the right assistance.

  • You are weighing up options and want support to help discuss the challenge you are facing.

Availability of the Clarity Session is limited to 2 clients per week. 

The Clarity Session is available on request. 

The Velvet Plan

The Velvet Plan includes:

  • A pre-call questionnaire and  upload your information.

  • A deep dive review of your fertility history with Dr Coker, your Coach.

  •  A holistic customised plan specific to your circumstances. Where relevant a selection of the services and specialists most suited for your requirements will be included.

  • Six Follow-up one-on-one sessions with the Coach

  • Concierge assistance.

Book a 20-minute fertility 'next steps' review call today to find out which service is right for you.


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Client Kind words. A lovely testimonial from a former client.

Belinda is a trusted expert in her field, with excellent communication skills, I felt really heard, she listened attentively and was very compassionate and empathetic, it feels you are discussing not only with an expert but moreover with a close friend, this combination in communication in such a sensitive matter was very important to me and put me at ease and made me feel more comfortable. 

I would strongly recommend. Belinda is an expert and has her own personal experience that makes it more relatable. She is very reliable, humble, authentic in her advice, gathers all information and assessment before tailoring the best next steps for you. She is compassionate, empathetic and kind. Has vast years of experience in healthcare and fertility field. Her qualifications speak volumes. Please go without any doubts you will be taken care of and in safe hands.


It was my first time to attempt IVF, I had no information about the process, as I heard conflicting information initially, I was very nervous and needed guidance, Belinda helped me realize first that I’m truly not alone, have me the hope and positivity I needed, the empathy was always there and came naturally to Belinda. She was very patient in explaining every step for me, in and out not only medically and psychologically. She kept checking in on me and following up to make sure I was well informed and taken care of during my process.


I would recommend Your Trusted Squad without hesitation or doubt.


Great experience in such a sensitive and personal topic, I want to take the opportunity to give Belinda a heartfelt thank you for helping me in my process of IVF and fertility coaching.