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Mother with her Baby


We know first hand that infertility seriously impacts your relationships, career, life plans alongside your physical and mental health.

We are here for you if you are feeling stressed, guilty, sad, busy, overwhelmed and if you feel your life is on hold.

We are also here if you want to take a proactive action to prevent infertility taking over.


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Finding fertility clinics and health specialists to suit your needs.


Providing  a shortlist of vetted fertility clinics, practitioners and health services plus support to make your final selection.


Trusted information resources tailored to your fertility needs and questions. 

Booking appointments, investigations and treatments with specialists and other health and wellness services.



Dealing with the dispensing

and delivery of prescriptions and medications.


Coaching sessions with your dedicated fertility coach for information,

emotional support, and help you achieve your goals.

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Planning and booking travel for appointments and treatments in the UK or abroad.


We plan and book accommodation for appointments and treatments in the UK or abroad.


Completing the required paperwork using the information you provide to us.* 

*With your approval and explicit consent.


Choose The Velvet or Silk Membership From Below

* For a minimum period of 3 months, then a monthly rolling contract. Silk members can downgrade to the Velvet membership anytime after the initial 3 month period. 

+Additional costs for assisted conception with a donor, a  surrogate, a donor and a surrogate depending on the situation and the number of people requiring assistance. Contact us for a confidential call to discuss your requirements.

See Terms of Business for details. 


I’m Dr Belinda Coker, the Founder and CEO of Your Trusted Squad. I am an experienced GP and Executive Medical Director with a wealth of expertise in fertility, women's health, customer experience and clinical quality spanning years.

I have felt the devastating impact of infertility. I’ve tried every possible solution to help me start a family. 


I’ve lost four babies by early miscarriage and still feel the grief of losing them. I’ve had nine fresh IVF cycles and one frozen cycle. My experiences of seeking healthcare for infertility, recurrent miscarriages, endometriosis and adenomyosis were often difficult, disappointing and at times traumatic. 

My knowledge, expertise and personal experience together with speaking with so many women who've had similar difficulties when seeking help for their  fertility issues was the inspiration behind Your Trusted Squad.

If starting a family hasn’t been easy for you, we’ll help you have the best chances of having your baby. 

You are never alone on this journey. 




I had a 1 hour session with Belinda after my first IVF cycle which we had under the NHS. We are planning our second cycle which will be funding.


After our session I felt more confident about next steps, if we were doing the right things and asking the right questions. Thanks to your suggestions we clarified the process and timings for the next cycle to prevent similar problems we had in our first cycle. I've also agreed with the clinic to return next month to get the tests redone, at no additional cost.


I would recommend the session early on to someone who is just trying to navigate the world of IVF. Also it's nice to feel reassured by another party with experience that you're taking the right steps in this journey. 


So very thankful to have spoken to you, and you were a boost to re-engage with our IVF planning.


Our client, who requested to remain anonymous, is 38 and a senior manager in the healthcare industry. She had completed one IVF cycle and was preparing for a second IVF cycle. She is now in the second trimester of her first pregnancy.


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