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Easy ways to order your NHS prescription online in 2021

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This article is a short guide on ordering an NHS prescription online in the UK using a web browser or mobile app.

Order online prescription UK

Remember those days…

If you’ve ever needed a repeat prescription, you’ll remember your last FP10 prescription i.e. the green/white prescription which had two halves. The right side listed your repeat medication(s) and would be torn off and handed back to you at the Pharmacy.When you needed your next prescription you would tick the name of the medication you needed then take that often crumpled, piece of paper to your GP surgery and leave it at reception. You would return 2 or more days later to collect a paper prescription, sometimes having to return more than once if it wasn't ready or if there had been queries. Then afterwards you go to the pharmacy, wait for the prescription to be dispensed, pay up and go home…..


Remember those times when you couldn’t collect your prescription because you finish work late and the GP surgery was closed during the evening or at weekends?

Sometimes it was just a palaver!

If you were fortunate the pharmacy would collect the prescription from your surgery so you could go straight to the pharmacy to get your medication. Your choice was limited but it still made life a bit easier as the pharmacy was open on a Saturday and some open on evenings and Sundays.

But over recent years this process has been changing. If the above happened to you last week then we have good news for you!

This process has been transformed!!!

Now your GP can now send the prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice including the one closest to your work or home. Prescriptions can be ordered online, by app or directly at your GP reception. Your GP can also send electronic prescriptions to treat acute, new illness to a pharmacy of your choice.

1. Order your prescription online or by app and collect from the pharmacy

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online without having to go to the GP surgery. Some services may not be available in your area. The NHS app is available across England. You can find out whether Evergreen or Patient Access are available to you by emailing or ringing the reception team at your GP Practice or checking the Practice website.

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