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How to manage a high temperature in children using advice from Paediatricians

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

How to manage a high temperature in children using advice from paediatricians

Fever or high temperature in children of any age can be very worrying and tiring time. The sleepless nights, taking time off work, waiting to see a doctor all takes its toll on all dedicated mums and dads.

Fortunately, you can obtain expert healthcare advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with these online or mobile app tools.

The mobile apps and online tools can make it easier to decide when to call for emergency assistance, when to consult a healthcare professional or when it's appropriate to care for your child safely at home.

This can hopefully help you avoid or minimise long waits in A&E when it's not necessary.

If in any doubt about what to do call 111 or call 999 for life threatening emergencies.

*NHS 111, 999 and A&E are available 24/7

Out of hours GP services are available when your GP is closed i.e. in the evenings, overnight and all day during weekends and bank holidays

For opening times for your local Pharmacy - check Google or NHS.UK*

Use the right NHS service

The two apps, below have been created by Doctors, in this case Paediatricians, to help you care for your child when they are unwell.

Handi paediatric app

For children aged: 0-16

Cost: Free to use

Available on Android and iOS